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Due Diligence

Representative Engagements

When it comes to equity investments, capital raises, and portfolio purchases, the right knowledge can make the difference between a sound investment and an unfortunate mistake. We can help prospective investors and buyers determine their true “basis,” above and beyond price, by focusing on both a target’s past performance and future prospects.


We look not only at the target’s financials but also the regulatory, operational, managerial, and other considerations that shape its outlook. Our evaluation process can encompass a whole bank or specific targeted areas such as a credit portfolio or supervisory status.

Promontory’s extensive experience in reviewing credit, governance, risk management practices and potential regulatory issues helps clients evaluate the true cost of a potential acquisition, including the expense of resolving identified deficiencies. We can advise prospective investors and buyers on companies to target and companies to avoid and, more important, those acquisitions regulators are likely to approve.

Our professionals combine public regulatory and private business experience with the ability to look inside potential acquisitions. This strengthens our clients’ competitive advantage and minimizes potential for future negative surprises. Experienced teams provide valuable insights and make the process more efficient in time and cost. Our teams include former bank examiners and senior supervisors from the four federal bank regulatory agencies, including the former Chief National Bank Examiner (OCC) and his counterparts at the Federal Reserve and FDIC. Promontory’s private-sector senior executives have topline experience at Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, MetLife, Travelers, MBNA, KeyCorp and other major financial companies.

Representative Engagements

  • Promontory performed due diligence on a finance company acquisition target, focusing on the target’s risk management infrastructure and the quality of its loan portfolio. We completed the engagement in a very compressed time period in order to meet the client’s competitive bid timeline. 
  • A large Asian bank used Promontory’s expertise in anti-money laundering and other regulatory requirements to assess a potential acquisition target in Southeast Asia. Promontory conducted a focused on-site review on a short timeline and sounded out US regulators on the acquisition.
  • Promontory has performed credit and regulatory due diligence for a number of private equity investors seeking to make non-controlling investments in banks.
  • Promontory has also provided credit and regulatory due diligence in support of banks’ capital-raising efforts and has worked closely with their investment advisers in that regard.


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