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Promontory’s professionals possess unparalleled expertise. Drawn from the senior ranks of the public and private sectors, Promontory experts serve our client roster of banks, securities firms, insurance companies, investment advisers, government agencies, private equity firms, hedge funds, broker-dealers and exchanges — in short, the broad expanse of the financial services industry.


Our professionals have been leaders of regulatory agencies, Wall Street firms, and Fortune 100 corporations, giving us experience in crafting and implementing regulatory policy. This combination of experience allows us to deliver practical and sustainable solutions that marry regulatory expectations with real-world applications in meeting our clients’ needs.

Our clients come back to us because they know that Promontory’s top people roll up their sleeves to get the job done. We have a proven record of helping our clients resolve difficult, technically complex and sensitive issues to their satisfaction and to that of their regulator. Promontory’s high-level involvement gives clients confidence that their issues will be handled by knowledgeable, highly committed professionals who sort through risk, regulatory, compliance, securities, capital and liquidity planning issues quickly to come up with effective practical solutions that lead to positive results in the shortest time. We have experience, bench strength, creativity and the brainpower to deliver superior results.

We have significant depth and breadth of expertise:

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