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Promontory Financial Group provides training solutions to organizations across the world. Leveraging the skills and experience gained from Promontory’s consulting engagements, we provide outstanding results for our clients.



Lighthouse E-Learning Platform

Promontory has developed an innovative training platform that provides a game-based approach to corporate training. The platform, designed in consultation with recognized learning and instructional-design experts, delivers content developed by Promontory’s subject-matter experts, who leverage their experience as senior regulators, executives, lawyers, and advisers. We make complex subjects relatable to employees through situations, activities, and quiz questions that mirror real-world conditions.

The platform provides an unparalleled level of customization, allowing each company to tailor the content to their specific organization without requiring costly development or coding expertise. Our user-friendly content management system also provides a dashboard and reports on users, completion, and effectiveness.

Promontory can provide training content in all areas of our expertise, including:

  • Anti-Corruption
  • Anti-Money-Laundering
  • Consumer Protection
  • Information Security & Cyberrisk Management
  • Mortgages & Lending
  • Privacy & Data Protection
  • Sanctions
  • Securities

Promontory can also help organizations integrate existing training content to deliver it through a more engaging, game-based approach, or develop custom courses based on a company’s specific operating challenges and risks.

An overview of the product can be seen through the video HERE and additional information is available at


Skills-Based Training

Promontory has trained individuals and groups on the skills required to be successful in a range of roles: nonexecutive and executive management, risk-management and compliance professionals, and financial-crime specialists. We tailor our solutions to suit our clients, and utilize the very latest research to provide insights and advice that make an immediate positive impact on performance.

Training for Nonexecutives

Promontory’s team of senior, experienced professionals is available to deliver tailored training for groups of nonexecutives. Leveraging our insights into the financial services industry, regulation, and public affairs, Promontory is able to equip boards and directors with the knowledge they require to challenge and monitor their company.

Anti-Money-Laundering Training

Promontory’s anti-money-laundering, sanctions, and anti-bribery and -corruption compliance training draws on our highly regarded financial-crime prevention practice. Our experts give participants insights into best AML practices and the latest developments in the field. We provide training on AML compliance to thousands of employees at multinational banks, through computer-based training protocols; we also deliver focused briefings to smaller groups and provide detailed, bespoke training for subject-matter experts in fraud and sanctions investigations and related topics.

Anti-Corruption Training

Promontory’s anti-corruption training solutions encompass innovative e-learning, as well as classroom-based sessions for staff in roles with increased corruption risks. Using insights from our work on corruption risks, we are able to instruct individuals and groups in practical techniques to detect and mitigate corrupt practices.

Link: Sample Training Agenda: Advanced Module (PDF)

Sanctions Training

Promontory’s sanctions-training solutions utilize our in-depth knowledge of global sanctions requirements, government enforcement activity, and compliance tools used in major multinational financial institutions. As with all of our training, we are able to accredit participants, allowing our clients to demonstrate competence, and compliance with sanctions obligations. We offer introductory e-learning tools, in-depth, face-to-face training, and regular refresh options.

Link: Sample Training Agenda: Foundation Module (PDF)

Training for Regulatory Agencies

The Promontory team includes former senior regulatory professionals who have worked with regulators across the globe. As consultants to central banks, multilateral organizations, and regulators, we have provided in-depth technical-, risk-, and skills-based training to staff in each of these areas, to enable them to perform more effectively in their roles.

Approved Persons and Senior Managers and Certification Regime

Promontory’s approved-persons training draws out the requirements of the Prudential Regulation Authority and Financial Conduct Authority approved-persons regimes, and offers guidance on the SMCR applicable to banks and the senior insurance managers regime. The training assists those holding approved-person roles in identifying what they need to do to ensure, and evidence, that they meet their regulatory responsibilities on an ongoing basis. For those appointed to approved-person roles, we provide guidance on the most effective and efficient approach to obtaining FCA and PRA approval. Our training is used by a number of large financial institutions, for senior executives and board members.

Individual Practice Interviews

As former regulators, many Promontory senior professionals have considerable experience in interviewing the staff of regulated institutions for approved-person roles and as part of regulatory reviews. We help staff prepare for regulatory interviews by conducting practice sessions similar to the FCA’s and PRA’s interviews. We focus on areas in which a candidate may feel vulnerable, regulators' current priorities or concerns, and firm-specific issues. Our constructive feedback includes a consideration of meeting style and differing interview approaches, the effective use of interpersonal skills, and ways to convey a message that is meaningful to supervisors. We also identify further preparation (such as reading material, or meetings with other members of the institution’s team) the candidate should undertake in advance of the interview. We have prepared candidates at the senior-executive, management, and board level, including nonexecutive directors, for the largest institutions.

Conduct-Rules Training

The PRA’s and FCA’s introduction of conduct rules formed part of its response to the Parliamentary Review on banking standards. The regulators have made it mandatory for banks and other financial services firms to train their staff on the conduct rules’ application and implications. Promontory has developed a computer-based training module that can be used by large numbers of employees in financial services organizations. In addition, we have appropriate, tailored training for smaller groups of certified persons, senior managers, and boards.

Link: Sample e-Learning Module Demonstration


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