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Financial services companies operating in the global marketplace face increasingly complex issues of risk, regulatory supervision, compliance, and governance. The Promontory group of companies offers the full range of products and solutions clients need to address complex global market issues.

Promontory Compliance Solutions provides technology solutions for compliance professionals. The suite of solutions empowers users with technology-driven tools to achieve superior compliance and risk management results, particularly in the areas of the Bank Secrecy Act, anti-money laundering, and antiterrorist financing regulation.

Promontory Forensics Solutions offers case management and patterning tools which are central to financial institutions’ ability to monitor currency transactions and comply with complex global regulatory requirements.

Promontory Growth and Innovation performs collaborative, large-scale profit improvement projects for Fortune 750 companies across industries.

Promontory Risk Review provides business-process services to financial companies around the globe. As an experienced provider of anti-money-laundering and know your customer services, PRR assists clients with risk and compliance challenges of varying complexity, scope, and duration.


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In 2016, Promontory became a wholly owned subsidiary of IBM. Explore all of IBM's banking solutions at »