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12/15/14 - Digital Enterprise Risk Management

As the aggregation, use, and transfer of data have grown, so too have digital enterprise risk management failures, reducing consumer trust in digital enterprises, undermining the integrity of data and identity, reducing resilience, and causing harm and distress through data losses. Businesses that exploit the opportunities of the digital economy without integrating suitable risk management capabilities will ultimately fail.

The missing ingredient in the recipe for safe and secure growth is a new set of organizational capabilities to manage the emerging risks facing digital enterprises. Digital enterprise risk management (D-ERM) encompasses information security and privacy, technology risk management, and consumer protection through digital channels. Please click below to read a Sightlines InFocus by Tim Roberts and Simon McDougall that explains how a rigorous D-ERM program, when incorporated thoughtfully within an enterprise risk management framework, gives firms the tools they need to adapt to the rapidly changing risk environment.