12/9/16 - A Major Technological Turning Point For Finance
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12/9/16 - A Major Technological Turning Point For Finance

Promontory Chief Executive Officer Gene Ludwig published a column in Investor’s Business Daily about how cognitive, analytic, and data-driven technological tools will allow financial firms to more effectively and efficiently meet customer needs.

“The legacy systems are imperfect and so expensive that our institutions cannot function in ways needed to best support a dynamic economy. So how do we get out of this box?

“Human subject-matter experts interacting with advanced cognitive computing systems offer a way out. Cognitive computing systems learn at scale, reason with purpose, and interact with humans naturally. An integrated approach of people training a cognitive computer to sift seamlessly through structured and unstructured information will establish a compliance framework for the future. It also means much smarter targeting — fewer bad leads will be chased. Most importantly, it helps keep pace with financial evolution.”

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