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6/28/17 - CCAR Roundup: Promontory Professionals Discuss Fed Stress Test Results

Mark Levonian Talks CCAR

Managing Director Mark Levonian was interviewed by CNN on the Federal Reserve’s most recent round of stress tests.

“It's in all of our interests, in the interest of the economy, that we have a healthy banking system that can invest and make loans and extend credit. I think that's where we're headed here with this,” Levonian said.

Mark Levonian Discusses the Federal Reserve’s Stress Tests

Managing Director Mark Levonian was interviewed by the Financial Times on the Federal Reserve’s comprehensive capital analysis and review results.

“Banks have invested tremendous amounts of money so their data is better and their systems are better, and their capital is higher,” he said. “Put all that together, and it gives regulators a lot more comfort.”

Bill Lang Gives Insight on All Banks Passing Stress Tests

Managing Director Bill Lang was interviewed by American Banker on the latest Federal Reserve stress tests. Lang said the Fed has broad supervisory authority over firms, and CCAR is just one of the ways it can affect banks’ ability to pay dividends and make other capital allocations.

“That’s the question that the Fed and other regulators need to wrestle with,” Lang said. “If they need to keep companies on their toes, they have other means that might be just as effective.”