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7/25/17 - Gene Ludwig Discusses Current Issues Affecting Financial Services [AUDIO]

Gene Ludwig, Promontory’s chief executive officer, was interviewed by John Heltman, an American Banker reporter, for a podcast that covered a number of issues affecting the financial services industry.

Heltman asked Ludwig about the relationship between regulators and banks. Ludwig said that he entered the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency at the end of an economically difficult time but that he believes relationships got better during his tenure.

“I am myself of a view that there ought to be a partnership or harmonious relationship with the regulator,” Ludwig said. “A regulator has a serious responsibility to provide oversight and regulate, but that does not mean that it need be unpleasant.”

They also discussed the combination of Promontory and IBM, and Ludwig noted that Watson’s cognitive capabilities augment human intelligence.

Click Here to Listen to the Podcast.