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4/11/18 - David Strumpf on Business Continuity Best Practices

David Strumpf, a Promontory senior principal and former member of Goldman Sachs’ business continuity team, was quoted in an Institutional Investor article about how firms should prepare for threats. Strumpf said the best way to stay ready is to run regular tabletop exercises with the company’s key decision makers, ensuring even the most minute decisions they might encounter in a crisis are practiced.

“Most folks don't realize what might take you 30 seconds in peacetime might take you 20 minutes during the ‘fog of war,’ and that's 20 minutes you don't have,” Strumpf said. “The key to a defense strategy is developing the muscle memory. In order to develop a [good practice] scenario, you have to ask the question, ‘What keeps you up at night most?’”

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