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5/25/18 - John Bowman on Life After the GDPR Compliance Deadline

Promontory Senior Principal John Bowman participated in an International Association of Privacy Professionals podcast on what the lives of privacy professionals will be like on May 26, the day after the GDPR compliance deadline.

The host of the podcast sought humorous responses to help professionals relax, now that the deadline has finally arrived. Bowman’s take: The world after May 25 looks like “a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max landscape where civilization will have completely collapsed, I’m afraid.”

In all seriousness, the passing of the deadline is “a good opportunity for everyone to reflect about what they’ve done and what they plan to do, and maybe with a little less stress around it … and maybe take a more measured approach,” Bowman said.

Click here to listen to the full podcast [Bowman’s interview occurs around the 12-minute mark].