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1/9/2019 - Pat Parkinson on the Pace of Regulatory Change and the eSLR

Promontory Managing Director Pat Parkinson was heavily quoted in a Risk.net article on how regulatory change may affect midsize and global systemically important banks.

Parkinson mentioned that U.S. prudential regulators have, thus far, taken a measured approach to change. “They are slightly more concerned with regulatory burdens and sympathetic to the banks’ complaints, but are not proposing radical changes,” he said.

He also explained how the Federal Reserve is trying to align the enhanced supplementary leverage ratio with Basel III. “The Fed managed to get the Europeans to agree to impose a surcharge above the minimum 3% leverage requirement, but it was still lower than that of the U.S.” he said. “Now the U.S. has proposed to lower it to what was agreed internationally.”

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