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8/25/11 - Oversize Loans See Improvement, But Banks Still Cautious- American Banker

8/18/11 - Data Insecurity Is a Systemic Threat
As if the financial system needed more challenges, there is a huge one that never goes away: keeping data secure.  
American Banker

8/9/11 - Gene Ludwig appeared as a guest on CNBC discussing the turmoil in the stock market and the economy
Video overview  

8/9/11 - S&P Backlash May Hasten Pursuit of Credit Ratings Alternatives
Standard & Poor’s downgrade of U.S. debt last week is likely to hasten the replacement of credit ratings within bank regulatory requirements.  
American Banker

8/3/11 - Is Dodd-Frank Overdue or Overkill? 2 Dueling Views-
Will the Dodd-Frank financial regulatory overhaul thwart a future crisis?  
The New York Times

8/3/11 - Panel: Too Big to Fail Firms Harming U.S. Economy- American Banker

7/12/11 - Leaderless CFPB Not A Blessing For Bankers
While some bankers are secretly gleeful the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau does not yet have a director, they are the ones likely to pay a heavy price as a result.  

7/11/11 - Squeeze on Banks Aids Shadow System- American Banker

July, 2011 - FINRA To Delve Deeper Into Firms' Financial Data
As regulators unveil new approaches to examinations, firms should make sure they have proper compliance systems in place and be ready to take the initiative in their communications with examiners, experts say.  

6/16/11 - Have You Hugged Your Examiner Lately?
The postcrisis recovery period does not make for easy relationships between banks and their supervisors, especially when the recovery is as tentative as it is now.  

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