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Opened in 2014, Promontory Europe’s Madrid office places the firm in the middle of Spain’s financial center. The office provides advice and solutions to banks, regulators, and other financial institutions in Spain and across Europe.

Eduardo Vilela is a director in the Madrid office. He focuses on risk management and quantitative analysis and brings more than 20 years of experience in financial services in Spain, Switzerland, and the U.K. Prior to joining Promontory, Eduardo worked for UBS, where he focused on economic capital, country risk, and risk-adjusted return on capital. At BBVA, he headed a unit dedicated to business valuation and strategy; and at Barclays Capital in London, he specialized in credit risk, stress tests, and derivatives modeling. Juan Pérez Calot serves as a senior adviser to the Madrid office. He specializes in corporate governance and was previously the general manager of BBVA U.K. and the chairman of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain.


Promontory’s Spanish office has a focus on corporate governance and risk management, but also offers support on the full range of complex regulatory matters in which Promontory Europe specializes:

  • Supporting regulatory relations and providing guidance on enforcement issues, evolving supervisory expectations, and changes to financial-sector regulations and policies 
  • Developing sound corporate-governance practices through external assessments using regulatory and supervisory perspectives, best-practices benchmarking, and integration of specific risk-culture tools like governance structures, stress tests, remuneration reviews, and capital-adequacy models 
  • Integrating stress tests into broader risk management as part of risk-based decision-making and planning
  • Preparing for European Central Bank oversight under the single supervisory mechanism
  • Evaluating asset-quality reviews, assessing market risks, and reviewing credit portfolios and valuation techniques
  • Developing corporate-governance frameworks and risk management functions to house oversight of compliance, legal, and audit-related risks 
  • Assessing and developing effective compliance frameworks and functions and supporting their implementation
  • Advising on methodologies for managing all types of risks, developing risk models, and validating risk parameters
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