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Promontory’s Canadian office opened in 2009 and is both national and international in its reach. Located in Toronto’s vibrant financial district, the presence of our Canadian office reflects the growing business opportunities with Canada’s sophisticated financial institutions in the area of regulatory compliance, risk management, strategy and governance expertise. Primarily, we provide services to banks, securities firms, insurance companies, asset managers, and pension plans.

Our Canadian team is led by Sheryl Kennedy, who was the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada and member of the Governing Council from 1994 to 2008. From 2003 to 2006, Ms. Kennedy chaired the Markets Committee at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. She was Senior Advisor for international strategy on executive interchange to Scotiabank in Toronto from May until December 2006. Ms Kennedy is a recognized expert in public policy, business strategy and restructuring, financial markets, governance and risk management.


Promontory Canada has assembled a team of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds, complemented by the Promontory global team, to provide our clients with innovative and practical solutions. Recent examples of our work for Canadian clients include:

  • Capital and Liquidity Planning – Assessing and advising on capital and liquidity planning and stress testing relative to industry best practices
  • Capital Markets – Developing and conducting a survey on over-the-counter derivatives usage and assessing markets infrastructure issues and options
  • Compliance – Reviewing and assessing compliance programs such as for Anti-Money Laundering and providing recommendations based on gap analysis
  • Corporate Governance – Assisting in the development of sound corporate governance practices and effective communications.
  • Recovery and Resolution Plans – Assisting financial institutions in the preparation of Recovery and Resolution Plans
  • Regulatory Advice – Developing and coordinating firm and industry responses to regulatory reform proposals, advising on regulatory relations strategies and preparing for regulatory reviews.
  • Risk Management – Assessing risks and developing risk management practices and mitigation strategies to deal with them
  • Strategic and Organization Advice – Identifying and assessing new business opportunities and organization structure to execute on that strategy

Our Team

Our Canadian team prides itself in having a deep understanding of the critical success and failure factors in devising and implementing strategy, risk management, capital and liquidity plans, compliance programs and internal controls, and good corporate reporting and governance.

Our in-depth knowledge comes from having worked in these areas for many years as senior executives before joining Promontory. We know what works and what will not work. Our advice incorporates the knowledge of regulators and shareholders expectations, evolving industry best practices, implementation issues and potential pitfalls. This enables us to apply our understanding of the forces affecting the financial industry and develop sustainable solutions on a wide scope of challenges faced by our clients.

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