Our Washington, D.C., location allows us to keep close to U.S. policy developments.

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Coleman, StacyManaging DirectorWashington, DC+1 202 384 1196
Harris, DouglasManaging DirectorNew York+1 212 365 6568
Hennes, Jr., Duncan (DJ)Senior PrincipalNew York+1 212 365 6989
Krause Bell, SusanManaging DirectorWashington, DC+1 202 384 1151
Levonian, MarkManaging Director and Global Head for Enterprise Economics and Risk AnalysisSan Francisco+1 415 986 4160
Ludwig, EugeneFounder and Chief Executive OfficerWashington, DC+1 202 384 1200
Parkinson, Patrick M.Managing DirectorWashington, DC+1 202 384 1052
Sloan, JameManaging DirectorWashington, DC+1 202 370 0384
Williams, Julie L.Managing Director and Director of Domestic Advisory PracticeWashington, DC+1 202 384 1087
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Stacy assists clients on a variety of regulatory and supervisory issues, drawing on her expertise in policy analysis and development. Before joining ...
Doug advises clients on regulatory matters involving risk management, compliance, investment products, derivatives, and capital markets. He also coun...
DJ advises clients on regulatory issues involving compliance, risk management, and governance, with a focus on capital markets and derivatives. He ha...
Susan advises clients on new and ongoing regulatory issues, such as the Dodd-Frank Act and Basel capital rules, and ongoing supervisory priorities, i...
Mark assists clients with quantitative strategy and compliance matters, including risk quantification, model validation, stress testing, liquidity st...
Gene, the founder and chief executive officer of Promontory Financial Group, is a trusted adviser to many of the world's leading financial companies....
Pat advises Promontory clients on regulatory and risk management issues. He joined the firm following a distinguished 31-year career with the Federal...
Jame assists clients with understanding and implementing new supervisory expectations in the areas of board governance and structure, enterprise risk...
At Promontory, Julie’s work includes a wide range of risk management, governance, strategic, compliance, and regulatory-implementation issues.