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Laiderman, RichardManaging DirectorSan Francisco+1 416 986 4642
Lam, TimothyAnalystWashington, DC+1 202 370 0525
Lang, WilliamManaging DirectorNew York+1 212 542 6790
Larkins, JamesSenior PrincipalWashington, DC+1 202 370 0616
Larson, ErikManaging Director and Global Head for Quantitative Methodologies and AnalyticsWashington, DC+1 202 384 1200
Lesser, JacobDirectorWashington, DC+1 202 370 0397
Levi, YoelSenior PrincipalNew York+1 202 370 0383
Levitov, AlexAssociateWashington, DC+1 212 542 6765
Levitt, The Hon. ArthurPromontory Advisory Board MemberNone
Levonian, MarkManaging Director and Global Head for Enterprise Economics and Risk AnalysisSan Francisco+1 415 986 4160
Lewis, ChrisDirectorSan Francisco+1 415 321 6406
Lewko, MarkPrincipal New York+1 212 542 6797
Livingston, MichaelPrincipalWashington, DC+1 202 384 1170
Loughlin, ThomasManaging DirectorWashington, DC+1 202 384 1044
Lovatt, AshleyPrincipalNew York+1 212 365 6979
Ludwig, EugeneFounder and Chief Executive OfficerWashington, DC+1 202 384 1200
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Richard advises clients on managing risks and adding value in complex financial activities related to payments, treasury operations, credit cards, an...
Timothy assists Promontory clients with various aspects of risk management and regulatory compliance.
Bill is an authority on financial risk management, quantitative analysis, and bank supervision and advises Promontory clients on stress testing, mode...
James advises clients on trading regulations, compliance management, data governance, information security, and corporate policies and procedures. He...
Erik provides clients with solutions in areas relating to quantitative risk management. He has vast experience in developing and validating the model...
Jake advises Promontory clients on a wide range of securities-related regulatory, compliance, and enforcement issues.
Yoel assists banks and financing companies with risk management, compliance, and business operations and supports activities throughout the Middle Ea...
Alex advises Promontory clients on all aspects of risk management and regulatory compliance.
The Hon. Arthur Levitt was the longest-serving chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (from 1993 to 2001) and is widely known as a champi...
Mark assists clients with quantitative strategy and compliance matters, including risk quantification, model validation, stress testing, liquidity st...
Chris assists clients in compliance and operational risk management, bank regulatory relations, consumer protection advocacy, and Community Reinvestm...
Mark draws on his expertise in data analytics to advise financial institutions on risk management and regulatory compliance.
Mike works with financial institutions to develop and validate statistical models and risk management plans. He has broad knowledge of and experience...
Tom specializes in advisory services to management and boards of directors, independent reviews and monitoring efforts, and investigations. His prim...
Ashley assists clients with a range of regulatory matters, including providing advice related to corporate governance, risk management, and regulator...
Gene, the founder and chief executive officer of Promontory Financial Group, is a trusted adviser to many of the world's leading financial companies....