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Depository Institutions

Promontory’s team of former senior bank regulators with extensive experience supervising depository institutions gives Promontory unparalleled insight into current and emerging regulatory expectations and practices. We combine this insight with the deep operating experience and practical knowledge our professionals gained as senior executives of depository institutions to deliver workable solutions to our clients’ most pressing challenges.


Depository institutions make up the largest segment of Promontory clients. Our client roster includes virtually all major banks in the U.S., U.K., Japan, Canada, and Australia, in addition to significant institutions in Africa, Continental Europe, and the Americas. The breadth of Promontory’s services covers all aspects of compliance, risk management, capital adequacy, risk assessment, liquidity planning, governance, privacy, consumer protection, due diligence, regulatory business models, and policy advice. Increasingly, Promontory is called upon to advise depository institutions on Dodd-Frank Act interpretations and applications and to help banks with funding and liquidity challenges.

Our service areas include:

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