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The financial services industry is highly regulated and becoming even more so in the wake of recent financial crises. Many sectors that had been lightly regulated are now facing new regulatory obligations and, in some cases, new or additional supervisory authorities. In addition, the economic and political environment for financial institutions is as challenging as we’ve seen in decades.


At Promontory, we draw on both subject matter and industry experts to help our clients resolve critical issues in a highly regulated environment.  We combine understanding of technical subjects and lessons learned from clients across financial sectors with deep industry sector knowledge to deliver practical solutions that meet the needs of our clients.  Our teams include professionals with the highest-level regulatory experience and professionals with senior operating experience to help our clients address industry challenges and evolving regulatory expectations.  We have offices in major financial centers around the world, and our professionals are experts in the laws, practices, and customs of the countries in which they operate. But perhaps more important than our global presence is our global perspective. The work we do in each of these markets informs the best practices that we develop and that our clients can apply wherever they do business.

Our deep industry experience includes:  

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